Ultimate K03 /K03s conversion downpipe for MK2/Mk3 Golf, Jetta, Corrado, Ibiza

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"Ultimate" 3.5" 1.8t 20vt K03 / k03s conversion downpipe

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This is the downpipe you'll need if you're using the k03/k03s turbo with your MK2/Mk3 Golf, Jetta or Corrado 20vt conversion. It starts with 3.5" pipe from the turbo, then gently goes to 3" pipe at the flex, where it continues in 3" pipe to the end. If your car has a 2.5" exhaust, you can order this downpipe with a 2.5" cone reducer on the end. Just select the 2.5" option from the "Outlet size" options.

This downpipe will also be an upgrade for Mk3 Ibiza Cupra owners.

The predecessor to this downpipe has been used to race in the VWracing cup and more recently featured as part of the stunning Auto Finesse MK2 Golf BBS project car. Armed with this info and the fact that we've never had a failure, your choice should be clear.

This monster 3.5" downpipe will be the first and last that you'll need to buy for your journey through the k03, to k03s to the mighty Littco L280 and Beach Buggy Turbo BBT-K300 hybrid upgrade route. It starts with 3.5" from the turbo then gently goes to 3" before the flex where it continues in 3" to just under your gear shifter.

There's an option to order your downpipe with a 2.5" cone reducer on the end to help with hooking up to your 2.5" exhaust. Feedback from Mk3 Ibiza owners has told us that the OEM 60mm exhaust slides inside our 2.5" downpipe outlet.

Don't worry about fitment either! This massive new downpipe gives more clearance around your steering boot, rack and tunnel than the 2.5" one ever did.

We use heavy industry techniques and machinery to produce our pipework, often making products without any unnecessary welds or joins along the entire length of pipe. As this machinery is computer controlled, consistency is guaranteed, so fitment is assured every time.

Our coded welders are specialists in pipe welding, with many years of experience, so quality reliable welds are assured.

"Buy right. Buy once!


Q. Why don't you make a full 2.5" version?

A. We used to, but we discontinued it when we developed this one. A quality downpipe that has seen proper testing and development is the best hardware upgrade for a turbo car, but it must be done right! With over fifteen years experience in track and motorsport, we've got the hang of things! 

Q. I'm worried that it will be too big. It will cause turbo lag. There won't be enough back pressure.. etc..

A. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you any of these. None of them are true. In fact, delete them from your contacts list. 

We ship worldwide!