MQB 4WD Downpipe

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The first and the last downpipe you'll need for your car (Non GPF cars only)                                                 

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Don't be drawn into thinking that we made this solely with the intention of increasing peak power for the hybrid market. This downpipe has been shown to improve spool and give power earlier all the way through the rev range on standard turbos, when tested back to back with other downpipes.

Another benefit to our design is heat management. An easy way to see how much heat your current downpipe is experiencing is to look at the colour. A strong purple/blue will tell you that it's been pretty hot! Apart from the area directly at the outlet of the turbo, our downpipe is mainly a nice rose gold colour. Can you say the same for yours?

We use the OEM style soft flex as standard, removing any risk of the turbo being used as an additional engine mount. We've also utilised the factory downpipe support bracket on the back of the engine block. This was an important thing for us to do, as this will help reduce stresses being transmitted to the turbo and the V band connection. We've heard stories about the V band clamps failing, leaving people stranded with a downpipe dangling. This will not happen with the Trackslag downpipe. 

We use only European stainless steel in our pipework

What we found during development.

  • Lower exhaust gas temperatures

  • Earlier turbo spool, giving power earlier and holding this advantage across the rev range

  • Reduced under bonnet temperatures

  • Reduced drone

Whilst we've designed our downpipe around you being able to hook it up to the standard factory exhaust with our "OEM adapter" option, you should be aware that we've found that the start position of OEM exhausts can vary a little. It's for this reason that we've given you more length on the downpipe than you'll need. This isn't a fault, it just allows you to trim it to suit your car exactly and takes only a few minutes to do.

We also offer 3" extensions to help with bridging the gap to hook up to most 3" aftermarket exhausts (except Supersprint) Please select which option you require at point of order. 

The Catalyst version of downpipe requires stage 2 software due to the position of the catalyst.


Q. What does the de-cat version smell like? (Yes, really..)

A. There's no firm way of answering this. Obviously, it smells of combustion gasses produced by a petrol engine but the strength of this smell will depend on how rich the car is running. On the flipside, a catalyst produces gasses and smells of it's own.

Q. Your catalysts are expensive!

A. You really do get what you pay for with catalysts. Our catalysts are made in Italy and we make very little in the re-sale of them. The quality cores of our catalysts are much bigger than most, so they carry much more precious material than smaller catalysts, hence the price. 

Q. Can I fit the de-cat version to a car that hasn't been mapped? 

A. We always recommend that people get their car tuned to match the hardware on the car. Proper tuning will get the best from our downpipe and the other supporting modifications you have on your car. If you drive the car without getting it tuned, the ECU will see an over-fuel condition and the ECU will reduce fueling to compensate, thus causing a lean condition. 

Q. Do I need to heat wrap or ceramic coat this downpipe?

A. That's entirely up to you. Due to it's size, it runs much cooler than any other downpipe. We do however recommend heat shields where appropriate. Ultimately, we recommend a common sense approach to heat management. 

Designed, tested and manufactured in England, using European sourced materials.