S3 8p Exhaust

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S3 Exhaust (8p 2006-2012)

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We ship worldwide! Please contact us for a shipping quote if you are not on Mainland UK. 

Following the success of our 3.5" Monster downpipe, people are asking us for a cat-back exhaust. After around a year of development, we're there!

As with all of our products, it's made from European 304 stainless steel, all mandrel bent in house using some of the best heavy industry machinery available.  

The brief spec of the exhaust is.

  • 3" OD (76mm) diameter pipe.

  • One silencer. Straight through design, made in house.

  • Twin slash cut tailpipes, slightly larger than OEM. Also made in house. 

We'll be offering adapters to help with hooking up to most downpipes. If you're fitting it to a car equipped with one of our downpipes, we'll supply a butt joint sleeve clamp, similar to the one which makes the OEM connection. 

"What does it sound like?" Here it is, hooked up to the silenced version of our downpipe.


With a name like Trackslag, it would be easy to think that our exhausts were supplied with an ASBO certificate. This simply isn't the case. Our race/competition/Trackday pedigree stipulates that we conform to noise regs. Our aim is to provide just the right amount for noise, with a pleasing tone and none of the dreaded drone associated with a lot of aftermarket exhausts. Even though it's a one box system, often referred to as a non resonated system, we've had no reports of drone throughout testing and development. Whilst this isn't a loud exhaust, there's a silencer option with our downpipe which smooths the tone a little.