MQB Front Wheel Drive Downpipe

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MQB Downpipe for front wheel drive cars (Non GPF cars only)

IS20 and IS38 Turbos

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Designed, tested and manufactured in England to the highest standards, using European stainless steel.

Here's a video from Jamie at Officially Gassed. He has the Fwd version of this on his SEAT Leon Cupra.

This 4" De-cat downpipe was designed to be the first and last downpipe you'll need to buy for your car, regardless of the size of the hybrid that you attach it to!

When you start pushing the OEM turbo, exhaust gas temperatures start to rise (this is the same for the hybrids). This downpipe is about as close to having a bonnet exit exhaust as you can get, without the associated hassle of a section 59!

Key points to bear in mind

  • This downpipe is only available with a quality OEM style soft flex. The same style as the one it rolled out of the factory with. Using any other style of flex will simply turn you turbo and downpipe into another engine mount.

  • We've utilised the factory downpipe support bracket on the back of the engine block. This was an important thing for us to do, as this will help reduce stresses being transmitted to the turbo and V band connection. 

  • Designed and manufactured in England using European sourced 304 stainless steel. 

  • Mandrel bent in house using computer controlled machinery.

  • All Tig welds back purged.

In over a year of development leading up to the release of this downpipe we've found the following;

  • Lower exhaust gas temperatures

  • Earlier turbo spool, giving power earlier and holding that advantage across the rev range

  • Reduced under bonnet temperatures

  • Reduced drone

Its design allows fitment to cars with completely standard exhausts (with the use of the adapter available separately) and cars with 3" aftermarket exhausts (adapter also available separately) 

The Catalyst version of our downpipe will need stage 2 software due to it's positioning. 

We'll add more info to this listing when we get a feel for the frequently asked questions.


Q. What does the de-cat version smell like? (Yes, really)

A. There's no firm way of answering this. Obviously, it smells of combustion gasses produced by a petrol engine but the strength of this smell will depend on how rich the car is running. On the flipside, a catalyst produces gasses and smells of it's own.

Q. Your catalysts are expensive!

A. You really do get what you pay for with catalysts. Our catalysts are made in Italy and we make very little in the re-sale of them. The quality cores of our catalysts are much bigger than most, so they carry much more precious material than smaller catalysts, hence the price. 

Q. Do I need to heat wrap or ceramic coat this downpipe?

A. That's entirely up to you. Due to it's size, it runs much cooler than any other downpipe. We do however recommend heat shields where appropriate. Ultimately, we recommend a common sense approach to heat management. 

Q. Will the car need tuning with this downpipe?

A. Yes. The efficiency of this downpipe is far better than the Oem downpipe and any other aftermarket downpipe that we've come across. Therefore, you'll only get the best from this downpipe with software that makes the most of this hardware.

We ship worldwide!